Why we require a Seller Permit

As a B2B company, KiwiDrop will require proof of seller's permit, resale certificate, or business license (depending on your location) from all of our existing sellers, in order to protect our business owners' interests for sales tax exemption.

Our team is asking for proof of your Resale Certificate (or other document) in order to maintain compliance and keep you, our partners, protected and able to continue to grow!


What Is a Seller's Permit?

A seller's permit gives a business the authorization to sell products and services within the jurisdiction granting the license. Many states require seller's permits, as do some local authorities, including counties and cities.

You may also see a seller's permit called a "sales tax permit" or "sales tax license."

Do I Need a Seller's Permit?

Whether you need a seller's permit depends on the laws that govern your business. Look to local as well as state regulations to determine whether your business needs one.

If you sell tangible goods to the public, whether wholesale or retail, you likely need a seller's permit to do so. Some states also require service providers (e.g., attorneys, architects, consultants) to obtain seller's permits.

If your selling activities are temporary — for seasonal or holiday businesses, for example — you may be required to have a temporary seller's permit.

If you only deal in resales, you may or may not need a seller's permit, depending on applicable laws. Some states, however, require a resale certificate to cover these types of sales.

Do I Need a Seller's Permit to Sell Online?

This question is particularly common these days since so many businesses conduct online transactions.

Usually, unless you are selling products or services in a regulated industry such as health care, you don't need a seller's permit to conduct business online. But that may not be the case in your state and/or in your industry.

This is one reason it is so crucial to check applicable laws to determine whether you need an online seller's permit.

How Do I Get a Seller's Permit?

The process of obtaining a seller's permit is relatively simple, although it may vary in your jurisdiction. Generally, however, you simply fill out an application and submit it to the proper authority.

You can usually find the form by visiting the website of your local agency that regulates businesses. The types of information required on such applications generally include your business's name and address, Social Security number (SSN) or employer identification number (EIN), estimated monthly sales, and supplier names.

In most jurisdictions, you can either mail the completed form or deliver it in person. You may also be able to submit it electronically. There is usually no fee to request a seller's permit.


If you are having trouble, please contact our KiwiDrop Support team : support@kiwidrop.com

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