Change Inventory Location

How to change where KiwiDrop stores digital inventory on your Shopify store.

If you have a specific need to change the inventory location for your products, you may follow the guide below.
If you are a CommentSold user, you should set the KiwiDrop location setting to the same location you are currently using on your CommentSold's "Shopify Select Your Location" setting. If you have not yet changed this setting, on KiwiDrop you should select "Use my default location"
If you have multiple physical locations you ship from including your default location on Shopify, or if you use locations to set up shipping rates for your products you may want to set up a separate location from your location settings on Shopify.

How to change location

Find Inventory Location within the Store settings 

By default, we use the default location you have set on Shopify

To select a location that is not the default location, turn off "Use my default location", and select a location below to be used.

Once you press "Save" at the bottom, we will set our inventory quantity for all existing products on their next inventory update and all new imports into the the newly selected inventory location.

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