Kiwi Credits

Learn how to use your Kiwi Credits!

What are Kiwi Credits?

Kiwi Credits are store credits that can be used on the KiwiDrop website or app (conditions apply). They will be in your Kiwi Wallet. In the future there may be different types of Kiwi Credits that can have different conditions or methods for use that apply. For example: methods for use can include the type of orders (e.g. dropshipping, sample orders, or both), type of products (U.S. or overseas inventory), a limit on the amount that can be used on a specific order. Kiwi Credits cannot be withdrawn to a bank account. 

How to use Kiwi Credits? 

Today, we have Kiwi Wallet automatically applied at checkout by default. If you have Auto Checkout turned on,  we will automatically use up all your Kiwi Credits in your wallet first and then charge you the remaining amounts. If you are checking out manually, you are able to choose whether to use it or not if you 

How to acquire credits?  

You can acquire Kiwi Credits into your Kiwi Wallet through various promotions and preload programs. You can only get Kiwi credits based on the amount you paid with your card. When you do get Kiwi Credit, it should show up in your Kiwi Wallet here as Credits Earned.

Order refunds

When requesting a refund, in addition to refunding money to your respective payment methods proportionally (to your payment method and your Kiwi Wallet).

We will also retract the credits you earned through the order directly from your Kiwi Wallet. This means that if you have less than 10$ available at the moment,  your might see your wallet  being a negative balance. 

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