Use Default Address feature to optimize your Local Pickup orders

This setting enables you to reroute local pickup orders to a default address. (Shopify Local Pickup & CommentSold Local Pickup)

When you receive a Local Pickup order on Shopify it comes through to KiwiDrop without an address. With this Default Address setting turned on we will reroute this order to your selected default address and add the "Rerouted" tag to your order admin. This will allow you to have all local pickup orders sent to your location for local fulfillment.

If you are a CommentSold user, your Local Pickup orders from CommentSold come through to KiwiDrop showing a "Local Pickup" note that is sent from Shopify. We will look for that note and if present we will reroute your order to your default address.

We will also stop "fulfillment" updates from being sent to these orders. You will need to manually fulfill these orders when the product arrives to you and is ready for local pickup. The reason for this is to help you avoid having customers show up for local pickups before the items are in your hands.

How to set up a Default Address

1. Go to Shipping Rules from your store settings.

2. Turn on the Default Address setting.

3. Select an address from the list, or create a new address. You should choose the address that is the same as the local pickup address listed in your Shopify or CommentSold. You can edit existing Shipping addresses from here, then select them after saving. The addresses in this list are identical to your Shipping Addresses list and will be saved as well.

4. If you need to change this address or turn off the routing, you can press "Change Address", then select a new address, create a new address, or edit the current address. Changing this address will not affect any existing orders, only new ones.

To apply this address to existing orders, press the second button below "Apply address to existing orders" and it will update the addresses on them.

5. Once you have set this up, all new local pickup orders will be routed to your Default address! You can see this in your order details. 

Changing an address for individual orders

If you want to edit the address for an order that has the "Rerouted" label, you may do this during Unpaid or Holding status. If you would like to change the address during processing status, simply press the Change Address button on the order.


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