How to create listings in my Poshmark closet?

When creating a listing, you are consented to use the listing titles, descriptions, photos and measurements from Kiwi’s website, although we encourage you to order samples from us and take your own photos representing your unique vibe.

On Poshmark, You can choose to manually create listings by copying and pasting content from Kiwi directly. To quickly copy product description, simply click on the “Info” button near the product image in the listing page, and the entire description should be ready in your clipboard. To save images, simply right click and save them.

Bulk Upload

If you are a Posh Ambassador, you can utilize the “Bulk Upload” template provided by Poshmark. Bulk Upload can allow you to create multiple listings without going through the manual listing process. Bulk Upload Template

Follow the instructions in the first tab of the sheet to fill out details of each listing. For the URLs of listing photos, go to the listing and right click on the photos that you want to upload, and click on “Copy Image Address”.

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