What if Kiwi Order Takes Longer than Usual for my Poshmark orders?

Poshmark recommends sellers to ship 2-3 days after the order is placed. If the item is not shipped by the 7th day after the order is placed, buyers “can” cancel the order, and there is a potential for you to lose the sale and earnings. So, it can be challenging for products that take longer time to process and ship. 

Here are some tricks to get around on those orders:

Step 1. Poshmark will send a reminder to ship the order after 4 days. Go to the order page and select the "I plan to ship within 1-2 days" option below the Order Status section. At the same time, communicate with your buyers via listing comments or bundles to let them know that there is a delay, but you’ll plan to ship the item as soon as possible. 

Step 2. On the 7th day, Poshmark will send a final notice email and push notification to remind you to ship the order. To avoid order cancellation, go to the order page and select ‘Problems / Order Inquiry’ and select ‘Shipped, but not Tracking’ from the menu, and submit for review.

Step 3. Within a few hours, the order status will be updated to ‘Shipped - Manual’. Once the Poshmark label is scanned by USPS, tracking information updates and is shown on Poshmark. This method should help with Poshmark's requirement to fulfill on time and not be canceled.

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