How to comply with Poshmark's shipping time requirement

Poshmark recommends sellers ship 2-3 days after the order is placed. Based on the corresponding Poshmark Policy, If the item is not "shipped" by the 7th calendar day after the order is placed, buyers “can” cancel the order. There is a potential for you to lose sales and earnings. So, it can be challenging for products that take longer time to process and ship.

So it's important to get clear how Poshmark Policy defines "shipped".

There are two ways: 

1. When USPS scans the label provided by Poshmark, it will send an update to Poshmark, and the status of the order will be updated. 

2. However, sometimes USPS service may be facing strain, and in those cases, Poshmark suggests you manually mark those orders if the tracking information for your order has not been updated after 5 business days from the initial drop off/pickup 
(Please click to see the corresponding Poshmark Support Articles  in detail) 

What's the indication to you if you choose to use KiwiDrop to fulfill Poshmark orders?  

1. For domestic inventory we ship from our California warehouse: we usually ship within 1-3 days upon receiving the Poshmark Labels you forward correctly to us via Email.   However, sometimes the USPS may be facing strain so the tracking will not be updated.  This happens regardless who sends the package to USPS.  In this case, you should follow the steps in the next section


2. For overseas inventory we ship from the China warehouse first and then transit in our California warehouse: we indeed will not send the package to USPS until  4-7 business days (~ 4-10 calendar days).  In this case, it is a risk that the "shipped time" exceeds the required 7 calendar days.  You can choose to find a walk-around by following the below steps in the next section, but we want to make sure you understand the risk and manage your buyers' expectations properly.  

What are the steps you need to take to stay compliant with Poshmark Policy?

First things first, always communicate with your buyer. Poshmark is a very relationship-based social marketplace.  Send a private message through the "comment" in the "bundle" feature, and let them know what to expect if things happen.  Additionally, for those who are using KiwiDrop's oversea inventory to fulfill your Poshmark orders, we highly suggest you add wording in your product description to manage the shipping time expectation before your buyers even place the order.   Otherwise, they might go to the Poshmark Support team even if you are doing everything right :) 

Step 1

Poshmark will send a reminder to ship the order after 4 days.

Go to the order page and press "I plan to ship within 1-2 days" below the Order Status section. At the same time, communicate with your buyers via listing comments or bundles to let them know that there is a delay, but you’ll plan to ship the item as soon as possible. 

Step 2

On the 7th day, Poshmark will send a final notice email and push notification to remind you to ship the order.


To avoid order cancellation, go to the "order page" and select ‘Problems / Order Inquiry’ and select ‘Shipped, but not Tracking’ from the menu, and submit for review.

From the Poshmark app

  1. Go to your Account Tab (@username)
  2. Select My Sales
  3. Select the order
  4. Select Problems/Order Inquiry
  5. Select Shipped, but Not Tracking
  6. Submit your report

From the Poshmark website

  1. Click on your profile picture at the top-right of the page
  2. Select My Sales
  3. Select the order
  4. Select Problems/Order Inquiry
  5. Select Shipped, but Not Tracking
  6. Submit your report


Step 3

Within a few hours, the order status will be updated to ‘Shipped - Manual’. Once the Poshmark label is scanned by USPS, tracking information updates and is shown on Poshmark. This method should help you to be compliant with Poshmark's requirement to fulfill on time and not be canceled. 

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