About Preorder

What Are Preorders?

Preorder products are available during the "Preorder Period" which is between the "Start Date" and the "End Date". These items are not in stock. They will be fulfilled around the approximate "Ship Date". 
You may sell Preorder products directly to your customers during the Preorder period and those orders will flow back through your Kiwi Admin like normal orders. You will accept the orders on your Shopify or CommentSold and pay for your order just like a normal order.
Preorder products are not in stock at Kiwi. They are items provided by the vendors that we have contracted with them to offer through our preorder system.
When And How To Place Orders For Preorder Products?
Order windows for preorder products:
  • "Start Date": Preorder products will be launched and available between the "Start Date" and the "End Date".
  • After the "End Date" orders will no longer be accepted. To ensure your order is processed, you must pay for your order with Kiwi for all preorder items within the "Start Date" and "End Date".
  • "Ready to Ship Date": We will begin fulfilling Preorder products around the "Ship Date". This date is not a concrete guarantee but a good estimate provided to us by the vendor for these goods. These dates should be close but will not be exact.

Important Info For Preorder

1. To ensure your order for preorder products is processed, you will need to pay for the product(s), manually or through auto-checkout, prior to the close of the preorder period. In other words, if you have orders for preorder products under "Unpaid" status, you are not going to be able to check them out once the preorder period has ended.

2. Cancellation Policy:

    1. Like regular-product orders, orders containing preorder products cannot be canceled or refunded once it is moved to "Processing" status
    2. Additionally, no preorder items will be cancelable following the preorder end date.

3. Mixed orders:

    1. Orders containing both regular products and preorder products will flow to Kiwi smoothly. So you can promote them together!
    2. Preorder products will be charged a separate $5 order shipping fee as they will ship at a later date from in-stock items.
    3. Preorder products with the same "Ready to Ship Date" will be grouped as one batch and charged a $5 flat shipping fee for once. See the example below.

4. Combining orders: Preorder products are not eligible for combining orders and thus the shipping refund. Only regular products in order can be combined and refunded. See the example below.



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