About Drops Soon Products

Drops Soon products are products that have a sample buying period from when we first launch them on our site to when they are able to be drop shipped. We have this sample buying period so that all our users can have an equal opportunity to assess product quality and prepare their store's listings before everyone starts selling.
Before a Drops Soon product launches, any orders containing the product for any reason will not enter the KiwiDrop system. If you import the product it will have a "Scheduled for" time on it which will not show up on your Shopify store before then. Once a Drops Soon product launches, it will be just like any other product.


If you use CommentSold as your main platform and publish to your app and web store, please do so only when we have officially dropped! If you receive orders during the sample buying period (before our official drop date), the orders placed containing these Drops Soon products will not go through to KiwiDrop.
If you would like to schedule timing to publish the product on CommentSold, please read more on their support article regarding publishing products here, and look for 'Schedule Timing'.


If you use Shopify as your primary web store, follow the steps below to make sure you'll be able to sell when we drop new products! Make sure items are in ACTIVE status in Shopify so that you don't miss any sales opportunities! 

Find and set product status to Active (Shopify)!

Step 1

Find Kiwidrop products based on their launch date by searching the tag in your Shopify > Products. We will send out this tag in a reminder email if you have imported any Drops Soon products when they officially drop, or you can find it on the products themselves. For example for the collection with the drop date on December 26th, we've provided the tag "kiwidrop221226"


Step 2

Make sure all the products you plan to sell which are dropped soon are in ACTIVE status. To do this, select all of the products in the search results and press "Set as active" to make sure you can sell the products once they've officially dropped!


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