About Intl Curated Pre-Launch


We will begin curating styles from our top international vendors using the new Intl Curated Pre-Launch platform! This new option will
give you a reliable supply of new items direct from our overseas warehouse. Our goal is to give you a structured time to order samples and sell products before they are potentially out-of-stock.


These launches will feature the following:

  • Sample Buying Period: you can only purchase samples during the 72-hour sample buying period.
  • Waiting Period: this is the time when we ship the samples and you have time to receive and prepare your samples for sale. During this period you have time to take photos, video content and customize your listings. During the waiting period, you may not sell these items.
  • Drop-ship Launch Date: On the launch date you can start selling/drop-shipping the items from this launch.
  • Drop-ship End Date: Following the end date of this collection, all items will no longer be reserved. They will be available until stock is depleted.

  1. These products are reserved for Kiwi customers during the pre-launch period. They are items provided by the vendors that we have contracted with them to offer through our system.
  2. We will ship these items directly from our international warehouse like other international products (they will still hub through our US warehouse).
  3. Sample MOQ: You need to buy a minimum of 8 samples pcs (mixed styles allowed) from this collection during the pre-launch.
    a. Checkout will only go through with the required 8 or more pcs in your cart.
    b. Samples will ship free via 3 -- 5 days DHL directly to your address.
  4. Estimated shipping time.
    a. Sample order: 3 -- 5 Business Days Shipping for U.S. customers
    b. Drop-shipping order: 5 - 10 Business Days Shipping for U.S. customers
  5. Cancellation Policy: Like regular-product orders, orders containing pre-order products *cannot* be canceled or refunded once it is moved to "Processing" status.