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How to turn on Auto Checkout

Learn how to save time and orders by turning on your auto checkout feature.

How it works!
Auto check out is an automated feature that allows the system to automatically place your customers orders through Kiwi when enabled. As soon as a customer places their order with you, our system will automatically check the order out for you. This helps eliminate the risk of an item being sold to another customer, allowing you the potential for more sales!
What’s the downside to having this feature turned off?
When Auto checkout is disabled, you will have to manually go into your customers orders and manually check out to process them through Kiwi. During that time, from when your customer places their order to when you manually checkout, those items have the potential of selling to other customers or even potentially selling out before you get the order placed.
What happens when the payment/charge does not go through?
When auto checkout fails, in many cases due to insufficient payment, we will send you an email and text message notifying you of the failed payment. The system will then try the next card on the file one by one to attempt to check out the order. If all cards fail, you will need to manually checkout related orders.
How to enable auto check out
Log into your Kiwi Account and hover over “My Account”

You should see a drop down list appear, Click on “My Orders”